Add bees to your garden or sunroom in a fun and lasting way with this Ancient Graffiti Flamed Copper Colored Bees Hanging Double Spiral. This charming adornment brings a whimsical hint to your setting in moments, thanks to its open design, natural hues, and stylized bee figures. A generous iron rod creates an 8" diameter, exterior spiral, evoking the flight path of worker bees. Larger iron slats sit in the center of this accent, creating a smaller spiral which mimics a beehive. A bee figure inside the hive shape enhances the motif, and the flamed copper tones throughout the unit mesh with your yard. An attached hook and chain make it simple to hang this adornment from a bracket or tree branch in moments, and the iron construction remains durable and beautiful for many seasons. Celebrate bees in a fun way with this Flamed Copper Colored Bees Hanging Double Spiral.