We've added two new sizes to our very popular Farmhouse Collection. The have the ever popular 16 oz single wick, new is the 18 oz double wick, and 28 oz double wick in attractive apothecary jars.  Select your size and fragrance and we will get it right out to you!

Farmhouse Candle Collection

  • LEMON POUND CAKE:  Wow does this candle smell good!  Imagine walking into Grandma's kitchen just as she is pulling a lemon pound cake piping hot from the oven.  With notes of sun ripened lemons, hints of vanilla, and warm cake....no wonder this is our most requested candle!  Order yours today and see for yourself!

    SUMMER PEAR:  Fresh and juicy Bartlett Pear ripened by the summer sun makes this candle a favorite.

    GEORGIA PEACH:  Imagine walking through a Georgia peach orchard and you pick the ripest peach on the tree.  You take a bite and the sweet nectar runs down your chin the aroma of the perfect peach reaches your nose...we capured it in this candle!

    BLUEBERRY COBBLER:  Inviting aroma of baked vanilla and mouthwatering blueberries. Notes of Butter, Sugar Blueberries Vanilla, and Graham Crackers make this a perfect candle for the kitchen.

    BROWN SUGAR & FIG:  Romantic and luxurious, Brown Sugar and Fig is a warm embrace for your senses. Top notes of ripe fig, caramelized sugar, and a touch of sea salt come through right away, while deep brown sugar makes up the heart of this fragrance. Dark musk and amber in the base reinforce the richness of this enticing candle.

    STRAWBERRY FIELDS:  You walk down the path to the strawberry patch and your eye spots the brightest red strawberry.  You pick it and take the first bite, the taste is exactly as you imagined...juciy, fresh taste of sun ripened goodness in the summer morning.  Our candle is that!

    SUGARED LEMON:  The bright tartness of a sun ripened lemon with just enough sweetness to make you wanna take a bite...but don't it's a candle! No wonder this is our #2 most requested candle.

    APPLE & SUGAR CANE:  The clean fragrance of Macintosh apples with just a touch of pure sugar cane.  A perfect candle for the den or porch, you can't go wrong with this fragrance.

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