Comprised of the first tender shoots of the newly grown tea plant, First Flush Darjeeling tea is a seasonal tea offering that is applauded by tea enthusiasts around the world. Our 2017 offering is grown at the Upper Namring Estate EX-22, once of the oldest and largest tea gardens in Darjeeling.

Though slightly different than what we usually gravitate toward, Namring EX-22 delivers really unique character in both the leaf and the cup. We have seen some strong improvements from Namring Estate over the past few years, so it is no surprise that, given a rather poor cultivation season, the folks at Namring were able to utilize their skill to highlight the best aspects of the leaf.

While the dry leaf is a bit larger and more open-leaf than traditional first flush types, it is very appealing to the eye, with large silver tips and hard-withered evergreen leaf balanced throughout. The cup is equally interesting, with a citrusy-sweet aroma and a bright and clean flavor. When brewed, it yields a light gold infusion with a uniquely intoxicating muscatel bouquet. Typical of a stand out First Flush Darjeeling, it finishes with a pleasing citrus sweetness on the palate.
Steep time 3 min

Steep temperaure 200-212F

Tea sold by the ounce