Gas Logs & Fireplace 

Looking for the beauty of a real fire without the mess from burning wood?  Check out our line of high quality gas logs from Real Fyre, Empire, and White Mountain.  These logs come with great warranties and are installed by our professionals!

Building a new home or just updating your existing home?  Our fireplaces are available in in vent free or wood burning and a number of sizes to fit your needs.

Plan to visit our showroom to see all our fireplace products including custom made mantels.

dough bowl candle.jpg

We hand pour each candle in small batches, this insures

we get a high quality candle each time.  Only pure soy wax is used and our fragrances are Phthalate free.

The vessels we use for our candles are unique and will add a level a class and sophistication to your decor.

Our production facility is located here in Chestnut Ridge to insure every aspect of making your highly scented candle is strictly controlled.  Ask about custom candles for your special event, we can help you customize a fragrance, color and label that will accent your event!

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Kitchen Products

Chestnut Ridge is proud to offer you a great line of Stonewall Kitchen products.  From sweet and sticky jams, jellies and caramel sauces to savory and full flavored dressings.

We even have a great line of Stonewall Kitchen soaps and lotions to keep your hands clean and soft.

So check out these awesome products, we are sure you will be very pleased!


Chestnut Ridge is so, so much more than a fireplace shop.  Our unique gifts and decor are often "One of a Kind" items making the gift even more special.  

We also carry lines by Duke Cannon, Willow Tree, Farmhouse Fresh, as well as baby gift items.

Spend some time browsing the unique items we have to offer for your special person.

Loose Leaf

Our line of loose leaf teas are second to none.  We only offer the highest quality, luxury teas found around the globe.  Our suppliers travel to tea gardens many times each year selecting only the best of the best and bring them back vacuum pack them and ship out to retailers like us.

So, if you are a tea aficionado, or just love a really good cup of tea then you need to visit Chestnut Ridge for arguably the best cup of tea you've ever had!